Gluten Free Pasta Bake

Oh how there is something so good and comforting about Pasta!
Here’s a quick and easy Pasta Bake that is Gluten Free, filled with Chicken, Bacon and a Rich Creamy Sauce (plus a few Green Veges to balance it all out)
It’s a complete meal and great to make earlier in the day then bake later when you’re ready. Enjoy X


You will need:
250gm Gluten Free Pasta – Spirals or Penne
2 Tbsp Butter or Ghee
1 Small Onion – Diced
2 Garlic Cloves – Crushed, Peeled Diced
1 Free Range Chicken Breast – Cubed
3 Rashers Free Farmed Bacon
1 Cup Milk (I use Raw Cows Milk)
1 Cup Grated Cheese
2 Free Range Eggs – Whisked
2 Tbsp Cream Cheese/Cottage Cheese/Sour Cream – Optional
2 Cubes Frozen Spinach (thawed) or a small bunch Baby Spinach
1/2 Cup Baby Peas
Rock Salt, Pepper, Parsley & Thyme
1/3 Cup of my Gluten Free ‘Breadcrumbs’ – Optional

First up just cook the pasta as per the instructions on the packet, drain and then into an oven dish it goes. In the Butter, Saute Onion, Garlic, Chicken, Bacon and any Herbs you’re using and cook until Chicken is no longer Pink and add it in with the Pasta – don’t turn off the frying pan yet though. In a jug mix together Milk, Cheese, Eggs, Salt & Pepper, and pour that into the hot pan and stir constantly, it’ll thicken in around 30 seconds. Pour the Sauce over your Pasta and mix in your Spinach and Peas, Top with extra Cheese and ‘Breadcrumbs’ if you wish. Bake at 180°c until Cheese has melted on top and Breadcrumbs are Golden.

Yum Yum Yum


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