Chocolate Mint Slice

This recipe was adapted from here, a lovely friend from round the corner put me onto it.

A Rich Choc Mint Slice that’s gluten free with no refined sugar!
So minty. So chocolatey. So good.

Firstly for the Choc base you will need:
1/4C Dark Cocoa Powder or Cacao Powder
1/4C Butter
1/4C Ground Almonds
2Tbsp Organic Honey
1/2tsp Organic Vanilla Bean Paste
1/4tsp Natural Peppermint Extract pinch of salt

Mix everything in a saucepan over low heat until melted and well combined. Then pour into a loaf tin that is lined with baking paper and keep in the freezer while prepping the next layer.

Now for the Mint Cream Layer!  You will need:
1 Ripe Avocado
1/4C Coconut Oil or Butter
A splash Lemon Juice to stop the Avocado from browning
1/2tsp Organic Vanilla Bean Paste
3/4tsp Natural Peppermint Extract
2Tbsp Organic Honey
Pinch of Rock Salt

Put all the ingredients into a mini chopper or food processor and blend until smooth and combined. Taste and adjust the Peppermint and Honey if you wish.
Spread the Mint Cream layer over the Choc Base and top with some melted Chocolate (totally optional) I used Richfield’s Sugar Free Chocolate.
Put in the freezer to set. I think its best kept in the freezer although the addition of Almonds in the base should keep it together somewhat and Mr 7 has a piece in his lunch box today so let’s see how that goes!


You can make this Dairy Free by replacing butter with coconut oil.

A note about Honey
I use Local Organic Honey from just a couple of kms down the Road (I’m pretty lucky and I know this is not always possible) You should always try to source the most local Honey you can, perhaps there is a local farmers market nearby or someone may know of a nearby Apiary. If you consume local Honey it can help reduce or even eliminate Hayfever symptoms as you are exposing yourself to pollens that are in your local area.

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