Children love Nachos!


Mmm Nachos, this is Mr 7s favourite meal! Another quick throw together for the weekend. Feel free to sub the Pork for Chicken or Beef or an extra variety of beans if you want to make it vegetarian. 

You will need:

1 Onion – finally diced, 2 Garlic Cloves – peeled and sliced, 1 Free Range Pork Fillet approx 500gm – cut into small cubes, 1Tbsp Cumin, 1tsp Ground Coriander, 1tsp Chilli Powder, 1Tbsp dried oregano, 1Tbsp dried parsley, 1 Green Capsicum – diced, 1 tin of Organic Black Beans, 1 tin of Organic Tomatoes. Extras – Plain Corn Chips (In NZ there are a couple of different brands of organic corn chips including the Blue Rounds! I used plain, the ingredients were: corn, oil, salt) Sour Cream, Grated Cheese, Avocado , Jalapeños, Chopped Lettuce…

First up sweat your onions and garlic in an oiled pan along with all the herbs, spices and a nice big crack of salt and pepper. When they are softened but not fully cooked add in the Pork and stir to combine with the spiced onions. At this point you can add your capsicum, drained and rinsed beans and your tomatoes. Its now that you can add some Jalapeños if thats your thing! Cook on high until bubbling, give it a couple of stirs and then turn down to a simmer until thickened. 

Serve with any extras or maybe just a salad. You could also use this mix for tacos, enchiladas, lettuce cups or y’know, Nachos!

PS. Sorry my photos are always poor quality, to be honest I’m just so eager to eat, rather than trying to take a nice photo of something that smells so goood ha!

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